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This handcrafted blanket chest is inspired by some of Virginia’s earliest craftsmen of the Eastern Shore of Virginia, who produced furniture dating back as early as 1703.

At that time, yellow pine was frequently used in wood furnishings made on the Shore.  The old-growth heart pine used to craft this blanket chest was reclaimed from a farmhouse located in one of our historic local towns, Cape Charles. The idea is to bring back this unique craftsmanship and style specific to the Eastern Shore of Virginia. By crafting this blanket chest with local reclaimed pine and referencing the unique raised-panel style, we draw attention to the Shore’s early craftsmen. 


We’ve also included the beautiful landscapes and natural beauty of our home.  Open the lid, and you’ll be greeted by an original oil painting by the local artist, Willie Crockett. His paintings are recognized as among the most honest portrayals of Chesapeake Bay drama and beauty.


18'' H x 33.50'' W x 14.24'' D


Heart Pine Raised Panel Blanket Chest - Featuring art by Willie Crockett.


Our handmade furniture is carefully crafted with reclaimed and locally-sourced woods that are often 100-200 years old. When you can’t find that perfect piece for your home or office, let us design and create it for you.

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